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Red Tape roundtable
October 5th, 2012

CIANJ’s conference room was packed with executives this week eager to hear from three members of the state Red Tape Review Commission, state Sen. Steve Oroho and Assemblymen John Burzichelli and Scott Rumana.

“We’re looking for a road map of what we can do to make things better,” the crowd was told by Burzichelli, who deserved kudos for driving all the way from West Deptford in South Jersey to attend the breakfast meeting in Paramus. The commissioners got what they asked for when the business leaders offered suggestions on issues ranging from estate taxes to standards use in heating and ventilation projects.

Tomi Gerber, who is in charge of government relations and risk management for Enterprise Holdings, recommended creating a best practices guide to cut through the frustrating long waits business must endure through the local permitting process. It can take months to get permits to open an Enterprise storefront in New Jersey, whiles the turn-around is 30 to 60 days elsewhere, she said. Burzichelli said the situation could also demand reforms to the local land use laws.

Andrew Silverstein of the accounting firm, Dorfman, Abrams, Music LLC, urged the lawmakers to examine the audit requirements for charitable organizations with eye toward easing their financial burdens.  The roundtable was sponsored by PENPAC, the political arm of the Commerce and Industry Association of New Jersey.

Oroho said the red tape commission was instrumental to reducing the New Jersey Registry ns from a high of 7,020 pages of regulations in 2008 to 3,012 in 2010. Oroho and Rumana said one of the commission’s goals is to making New Jersey the economic powerhouse it once was.

CIANJ President John Galandak is also a member of the red tape commission and he urged the business community to participate in the commission hearings. The next one is scheduled for Tuesday at 4 p.m. at the College of Morris County. More information on the red tape commission is available at

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